Tired muscles quickly recover in the dry sauna or steam bath, your lactic acids are broken down quicker and this has a positive effect on your stamina. The next day you will still be feeling fit and will be able to do more sport with no problem at all!

If you don’t feel comfortable in a warm, damp room, then the sauna is your best option. People with rheumatism or acute afflictions will also feel great in the sauna. Because your heart has to work harder in a steam bath, a sauna is better for people with cardiovascular disorders.

Steam Bath
If you have breathing problems and / or allergies, then the steam bath (Turkish Bath) is usually your best choice. The damp air helps to open up your sinuses and airways. Breathing this steam in is also effective to help bronchitis, asthma, coughing or other problems that can be remedied by damp air.

The sauna and the steam bath are both good for your body and help to improve your breathing and blood flow. The biggest difference is the temperature and the dampness. When you suffer from certain conditions or illnesses, you should always consult your doctor first for any potential risks.


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