Houtrust lives and breathes squash. With 17 professional courts across two storeys, there is always room for you to get a game of squash in one of the biggest squash clubs in the Netherlands. The courts all have LED lighting, and the floors and walls are carefully maintained.

 Houtrust has a ladder competition, has several ladies and men’s teams that participate in the competition, and offers squash lessons to juniors and seniors.

 In a nutshell, if squash is your sport, call in on Houtrust. It’s the place to be in The Hague when it comes to squash.

 You can make a reservation online, at the reception desk or by calling 070 3635169.


Single court rental *

Peak times: € 19,00 per court

Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 23:30,
Sunday from 09:00 to 13:00.

Off-Peak Times: € 16.00 per court

Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 18:00,
Friday from 08:30 to 23:30
Saturday from 09:00 to 16:45.
Sunday from 13:00 to 16:45.

Group Rate Peak Times: € 16.00 per court
group of 10 or more

*Court hire is for 45 minutes

Day card

(unlimited sport, if there is availability, excluding sauna)

Squash € 10,00 per person
Squash and gym € 16,00 per person
Junior € 8,00 per person
(18 and under; upon presentation of ID, free racket and ball hire)

Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:00,
Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 to 16:45.


(As a member you can make use of all our facilities *)

Unlimited Membership (Adults)

Per year lump sum € 460,00
Paid per month € 42.50 (by direct debit)

Off-Peak Membership (Adults)

Per year lump sum € 350,00
Paid per month € 32,50 (by direct debit)

(Squash during peak times is possible for an extra fee of € 8.00 per person, per 45 minutes.)
(All other sport can be played during peak times for an extra fee of € 8.00 per person, per hour.)

 Student Membership

(off-peak times, upon presentation of student card)
Per year lump sum € 240,00
Payment per month € 22,50 (per direct debit)

(Squash during peak times is possible for an extra fee of € 8.00 per person, per 45 minutes.)
(All other sport can be played during peak times for an extra fee of € 8.00 per person, per hour.)

Junior Membership *

(off-peak times, 18 and under; upon presentation of ID)
Per year lump sum € 120,00
(Squash and use of the gym during peak times is possible for a fee equal to the standard peak time rate.)

* Junior Membership is only for squash and gym


€ 160,00 card
Your card will be loaded with € 190.00
Price per court: Peak times € 16.00 – Off-peak times € 13.47

€ 340,00 card
Your card will be loaded with € 475.00
Price per court: Peak times € 13.60 – Off-peak times € 11.45

(Court hire is for 45 minutes. If you do not cancel your squash court reservation, you will be charged for it)


Squash ball – blue spot (beginners) € 3.50
Squash ball – red spot (recreative)  € 3.50
Squash ball – two yellow spots (experienced) € 4.50

Equipment rental per time
Racket € 2.00
Squash ball € 0.50
Squash glasses € 2.00
SoccerSquash ball € 2.00


Learning how to play and understand squash better means you will have more fun on the court. So, you can take squash lessons at Houtrust. To book a lesson, you should contact one of our trainers directly:

Sebastiaan Weenink
(Competition player / Advanced)

Individual 45 minutes € 42.50
Couple 60 minutes € 55.00

Carl Koenig
(All levels)
Individual 45 minutes € 40.00
Couple 60 minutes € 50.00

Package deal: *
Individual 6 x 45 minutes € 200.00
Couple 6 x 60 minutes € 250,00

Vivian Weenink
06 53867227
(Beginner / recreative)
Individual 45 minutes € 30.00
Couple 45 minutes € 40.00

* Package deal is valid for 2 consequetive months after purchase. No refunds

Premier Division

Houtrust Squash has been playing in the Premier Division since the 2020/2021 season. The women’s as well as the men’s team. Unfortunately, corona has put a spanner in the works for this season, but for the coming season we will be aiming to take the country by storm with two strong teams. The Houtrust Squash teams are made up of a mix of national and international top players. We aim for the very top. To achieve this goal, we are constantly searching for companies or people who would like to support us. WoonCompany has been our main sponsor for two seasons already. Thanks to them, the start of our success was possible. Would you also like to be involved in making our goal a reality? Sponsoring the Premier League can cost as little as € 225.00 per season.

Please contact Erwin van Voorthuizen about the possibilities. We will consider all the options with you. (06-28774578)

Team Competition

Houtrust has two women’s and ten men’s teams in the Dutch Squash Bond competition – twelve teams in total!

The matches take place on Friday evenings, starting at 20.00 (the Premier Division is on Wednesday evenings). Not in the team yet? Come and watch to see how much fun it is to play as part of such a close-knit team.

The results and league positions of our teams can be seen on our Facebook-page and on this page from the Dutch Squash Bond site. Would you also like to play in a competition? There are about seven players to each team, with four players needed for each match in the competition. So, you alternate for the eighteen away and eighteen home matches. The competition season is from mid-September until mid-April, but you can join mid-season. Women are especially welcome to strengthen our two women’s teams. Sign up with one of the Houtrust team members and they will get you on your way.

We would like to thank our shirt sponsors for the 2020-2021 season

Men 1, Women 1, Men 6 and Men 10

Women 2 and Men 2

H1 en SupportDesk
Men 3

Team Intro
Men 7


We love a good tournament at Houtrust Squash Centre! During the playing season there are five tournaments on the agenda. These range from ‘competitive but fun’ to ‘fun while playing sport’. So, there’s something for everyone.

The tournament agenda can be found at the bottom of this page, but also keep your eye on the posters at Houtrust, our Facebook page and website for the final dates and more information about each tournament.
Sign-up usually starts one month in advance and you can do this at the Squash Centre’s reception desk.

You can also sign up for the ‘Oh Oh’ and ‘Ho Ho’ tournaments online.

Tournament agenda

NSIB Challenge

How are you feeling after a busy summer without many games of squash?
You will soon find out at the NSIB Challenge!
Women’s and Men’s tournament at different levels.

Ho Ho Den Haag
Women’s and Men’s tournament at different levels.
Den Haag Open, counts towards your SBN Ranking.
Organized by Sebastiaan Weenink and Marc ter Sluis

Houtrust Club Championships
Women’s and Men’s tournament at different levels.

Oh Oh Den Haag
Women’s and Men’s tournament at different levels.
Den Haag Open, counts towards your SBN Ranking.
Organized by Sebastiaan Weenink and Marc ter Sluis

Houtrust BBQ Toernooi
The season’s closer! Never taken part? Then your season isn’t complete!
Women’s and Men’s tournament at different levels.

Ladder competition

With more than 100 participants, the Houtrust Ladder Competition is the way to get to know other squash players. You play at least one match every two weeks. That will be against someone under you in the ladder who challenges you, or you can challenge someone above you in the ladder and play them. Working on your level of squash was never so easy!

Sign up here for the Houtrust Squash Ladder, where you will find more information. Need more help? The Houtrust team will be glad to answer any questions.


If you fancy doing something a little different, then SoccerSquash is for you. The combination of squash and football is quite spectacular. Playing SoccerSquash puts your ball control, technique, shooting technique, fitness and speed to the test.

SoccerSquash in a nutshell

SoccerSquash is a combination of squash and football and it is played with a special SoccerSquash ball on a regular squash court. The idea is that you kick the ball against the wall so that it bounces back in such a way that makes it difficult for your partner to return it. The ball is allowed to bounce only once and you are allowed to touch it no more than three times. Your opponent gets a point if the ball bounces more than once or if you touch it more than three times. Also, if the ball touches your arms or hands, your opponent gets a point. The full set of rules is available at our reception desk.

Fancy trying it?
Squash courts 12 and 13 have been set up especially for you to practise your SoccerSquash techniques.

You can book a court by calling 070 3635169.
You can also rent a SoccerSquash ball from us.


In our shop we have squash racquets in all price ranges and from several different brands: Tecnifibre, PS-Wear, Saxon, Salming and Karakal. So, every kind of player will be able to find the right racquet. Go ahead and first try a racquet out on the squash court. That’s the only way to find out if you have made the right choice, so you can enjoy your game even more.

You will find a great selection of women and men’s clothes and shoes by Tecnifibre, PS-Wear, Salming and Karakal. And to complete your outfit, we have a wide range of accessories: bags, grips, balls and protective eyewear. Everything you need for on the squash court! And if the tension on your racquet needs adjusting, you can use our racquet stringing service. So, you can’t blame your outfit or gear…

Want to make someone else happy?
Give him or her a Houtrust Squash Gift Card. It can be used not only in the shop, but also for the other sports activities, for Bar & Food and our sauna.


With its 17 professional squash courts, our spacious squash centre is one of the biggest in the Netherlands. Competition teams from throughout the region regularly play here, there are 5 tournaments per year and we see 700 regular players per week! Increasing your company’s brand awareness seven days a week in a great sports environment – that is a winning combination!

Would you also like your company name to be seen beyond Houtrust? Why not become a shirt sponsor for one of our 12 competition teams? They will promote your company for a whole season throughout the region.

Contact Erwin van Voorthuizen about the different options. We will be happy to think along with you. (06-28774578)