We offer all different kinds of group lessons in our air-conditioned sports studio (see the timetable). These group lessons can be booked and paid for individually, as part of your membership, or with the special € 80.00 pre-paid card. For more information, ask a Houtrust team member.


One-off lesson

(Per person, per time)

Peak times: € 9,50
Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 23:30,
Sunday from 09:00 to 13:00.

Off-peak times: € 8,00
Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 18:00,
Friday from 08:30 to 23:30
Saturday from 09:00 to 16:45.
Sunday from 13:00 to 16:45.


(By becoming a member, you can make use of all of our facilities *)

Unlimited Membership (adults)

Lump sum per year € 460,00
Payment per month € 42.50 (by direct debit)

Off-peak Membership (adults)

Lump sum per year € 350,00
Payment per month € 32.50 (by direct debit)

(Squash during peak time is possible for an extra fee of € 8.00 per person, per 45 minutes.)

(All other sport can be played during peak times for an extra fee of € 8.00 per person, per hour.)

Student Membership

(off-peak times, upon presentation of student card)

Per year € 240,00
Payment per month € 22.50 (by direct debit)
(Squash during peak times is possible for an extra fee of € 8.00 per person, per 45 minutes.)

(All other sport can be played during peak times for an extra fee of € 8.00 per person, per hour.)

Junior Membership

Per year € 120,00
(You can play squash or make use of the gym during peak times but will be charged the standard rate for peak times.)

* Junior Membership is only for squash and the gym


€ 80,00 card
(only for sports activities or the sauna, NOT squash)
Your card will be loaded with € 95.00
Price per activity: Peak times € 8.00 – Off-peak times € 6.73

Group lessons

Indoor Bootcamp

The Indoor Bootcamp lesson is an intensive training programme whereby you constantly change from one exercise to another. We work on your fitness, strength, agility and energy, with your body as the most important tool. No one lesson is the same. The workouts stimulate you mentally and physically. Our Indoor Bootcamp is a very varied, fun and very effective workout.

Total Body Workout

The Total Body Workout lesson is a calmer lesson where the focus lies on fitness, with light weights, coordination and balance exercises.

Body and relax

The Body and Relax lesson is a wonderful combination of Yoga and Pilates. During Pilates you train your whole body from your core. Strong stomach and back exercises and learning how to use your muscles effectively. Followed by half an hour of Yoga with lots of stretching, straightening and relaxing.

Steps & Belly Butt and Legs (BBL)

Yes! It’s almost impossible to find it anymore in The Hague, but we still have genuine, old school Step classes! This lesson is a combination of half an hour of Steps (with an intermediate level of choreography) and then you work on developing your muscles using the step and weights in all of your BBL zones (Belly, Butt and Legs, but also your upper body). You will leave the class with a smile on your face!

Keep-Fit & BBL

In this total body workout, you increase your level of fitness and strengthen your body. Using basic choreography, the first part of the lesson works on keeping fit. Then we build up muscle using weights in all of the BBL zones (Belly, Butt, Legs, but also your upper body. After this lesson you will feel totally fit again!


As well as our own group lessons, other activities are arranged by external instructors. These lessons are organised by the instructors themselves. To book and pay for these classes, please contact the individual instructor.

Break Dance

James Walcott
06 312 484 99


Sanne Kursten
06 344 402 09

Karate Seicho

Geert Roseboom
06 129 377 29

Gym & Cappuccino

Gerdien Keuls
06 508 070 95

Would you like to rent our Sports Studio?
That is possible for just € 25.00 per hour (excl. 9% VAT).
For more information about this, please ask one of our Houtrust team members.